Introducting Adel MacKay!

January 16, 2021

My name is Adel and I am a Massage Therapist and a Certified Lymphedema Therapist.

I have a medical condition called lymphedema. Lymphedema is a lifelong and progressive inflammatory disease caused by a dysfunction in the lymphatic system. As a result, lymphatic fluid (lymph) accumulates in the body, which causes chronic swelling.

It took five years for a proper diagnosis and once I had my diagnosis, I was ready to start looking at my treatment options. There are few treatment options for Lymphedema, but the most effective treatment for relief is a specialized massage called MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage). With a passion to help and a desire to heal, I embarked on my journey to learn everything I could to be able to provide others with relief from the pain and discomfort that I know all too well.

My mission is to create a safe and healing space for all bodies. Every body is different and with that in mind I offer a variety of services for different medical conditions, injuries, and relaxation/connection to your own body.

Your body is amazing, it keeps you going in your day-to-day and it deserves to be treated by a professional who cares.

Are you ready for healing, connection and relaxation? Reach out to discuss the best treatment options for your needs!

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