The In-Class Course is a one day hands-on designed to teach students how to confidently perform a Full Body Hot Stone routine. We will teach you proper protocol for handling and caring for your stones. Each student will be required to complete 5 case studies and a written exam at home. Note that we do not require any video taping of your case studies, only the completed written reports. All completed work must be submitted to The Stone Massage Company for final grading purpose. Upon successful review, we will issue you a certificate in the mail. You will officially be certified as a Hot Stone Therapy Practitioner from The Stone Massage Company. 
Course material includes a 100 page fully illustrated manual complete with a DVD(digital download). Topics Include:
  • History of hot stone therapy
  • Naturally formed stones versus mechanically tumbled stones 
  • Properties of basalt stone and other types of stones
  • Effects of heat and cold on the body
  • Benefits of hot and cold stone therapy
  • Contraindications of hot stone therapy
  • How to heat and care for your stones
  • How to cleanse and re-energize your stones
  • Hot stone massage techniques
  • Massage oils and lotions
  • How to perform a hot stone massage full body routine
  • How to incorporate aromatherapy into hot stone therapy
  • Integrating chakra work into hot stone therapy
  • Setting up your therapy room and getting started as a hot stone therapy

During the In-Class Course, the first component of the course will focus on the history and theory of hot stone therapy based on material from our 100 page fully illustrated instructional manual and digital downloadable DVD (included with your tuition price). The remainder of the day will be dedicated to learning a full body hot stone routine. All students will first observe a full body hot stone massage demonstration by the course instructor, before moving on to giving and receiving a full body treatment.
Full payment is due upon registration. We do not offer refunds. If more than 72 hours’ notice is given, cancellations can be credited towards another course date. If 72 hours is not given, we will ship you your course material as a homestudy course. Note that usually our course fills up and last minutes cancellations limit the opportunity for someone else to take your spot.
Once your course payment is received, you will receive confirmation verifying your spot in the course.
Note: The Stone Massage Company reserves the right to reschedule a workshop date due to insufficient registration. In such a case, students will be notified by email or telephone.

BASALT STONES DIRECT FROM THE ANDES MOUNTAINS: Our authentic volcanic stones are hand picked direct from the river beds of the Andes Mountains in South America - never sourced from China! Naturally polished and smooth from the elements of the earth - retaining their true healing properties and high heat  abilities making our stones the best on the market!

HEALING POWER OF JADE! Jade brings new meaning to Hot Stone Therapy. Revered for its ability to bring harmony and balance, jade has been used to attract love and bring money. When used for massage, Jade is a protective stone used to heal stressed organs and discharge toxins. It slows the aging process and strengthens the body’s natural defenses. These stones are cut to various shapes and sizes and then polished providing a smooth and silky feeling on the skin. They are non-porous, easy to clean, and resistant to harbouring bacteria. Jade has the ability to retain heat similar to basalt and can be used cold as well, which makes it an excellent stone for both stimulating and sedating massage applications.

THE IDEAL STONE CHOICE FOR COLD STONE THERAPY! Marble stones are cut and polished to various shapes and sizes and designated to work specific body areas. They can be used on their own or in combination with heated stones. On their own, they act as a powerful decongestant to help diffuse swelling and to encourage blood flow. When used with hot stones, the resulting vasodilation and constriction encourages nourishing & healing of the tissues. Benefits include:
  • Decreases inflammation and acute injury
  • Relieves pain and congestion
  • Relieves puffiness and dark circles around eye
  • Improves skin tone to face
Upcoming Course Dates To Be Decided
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